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keitn's Journal

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  • keitn@livejournal.com
This journal is now also copied to http://keithan.dreamwidth.org.

I am still officially absent online til the end of the year.


Age statement (this is where I'm supposed to say I'm over 18 years old): I'm over 18 years old.

I have a tendency to just lurk and de-lurk at random times.

In writing, most of my recent fics are from Gundam Wing--a relatively old, feeling almost, sometimes, but not quite dead fandom. Find them here.

Older ones (most of them Lord of the Rings) that I've likely forgotten about, just browse over here.

In reading, though, recently mainly Harry/Draco, Arthur/Merlin, or sometimes Brian/Justin, depending on the mood. And I can't tell you enough just how much LOVE I have for those pairings (of course Heero/Quatre too).

But as of June 2010, I'm on semi-hiatus for a couple of months, maybe until the end of the year. So random posts will be less random, and those once in a while fics will be less than once in a while. Will still be around, though. :)

Any post that remotely touches RL will be locked, but other than that, everything else is public. :)